Each Membership Makes An Impact

General Memberships...

  • ...support art educational classes, art workshops, and art exhibitions—while helping build the Greater Latrobe Community.

  • ...provide affordable art classes for individuals of all ages and levels of artistic ability.

  • ...are a key source of operating funds, community outreach, art programs, and events.

Latrobe Art Center relies on the generous support of members and donors to keep art alive in the community. As a nonprofit, we strive to create a meaningful impact on the growing number of participants who join Latrobe Art Center for its many programs and community events.  As demand and enrollment for children and adult art classes increase, more resources must be used to support this expansion. Consequently, Latrobe Art Center seeks to achieve $20,000 in new and existing memberships throughout 2019 in order to progress and continue offering events which benefit both individuals and the entire community.

Please consider helping us reach this goal and keep art alive in the Neighborhood!



Latrobe Art Center depends on the generosity of individuals and organizations to provide much needed funding for community projects, special events, and our annual juried exhibitions.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Renew My Membership?

  • You will receive a variety of discounts (dependent on membership level).

  • You will support Latrobe Art Center’s mission to act as a community hub to foster creativity and encourage, explore, present, and appreciate art in all of its forms.

  • You will assist Latrobe Art Center’s contribution to the art programs within surrounding schools.

  • You will help continue to revitalize Latrobe by drawing people downtown for various community events.

By Being A Member, You Help Us Change Lives.

  • Kids Summer Art Camp: Latrobe Art Center holds four different camp sessions over the summer for children from ages 3-16. The children embark on a creative journey and experience art in various forms.

  • Latrobe Art Center hosts two unique three day workshops with nationally-known artists in a variety of media. Individuals from across the U.S. travel to the Center to attend these workshops.

  • An affiliate of the Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau & part of the Group Tourism Program, Latrobe Art Center offers unique artistic packages where individuals who would consider themselves non-artists engage fully and openly in the creative process. Bus tours from Canada, Mississippi, Washington, New York, and Maryland have had the pleasure of experiencing what our Neighborhood has to offer.

  • Forming partnerships with a variety of businesses and other non-profit organizations across Westmoreland County enables our success. We are ALWAYS able to accomplish more TOGETHER than alone.

What Benefits Will I Receive?

  • You will receive the benefits offered at various levels. The higher the membership level, the more benefits you receive.

How Can I Increase My Support?

  • Increase your donation by becoming a member at a higher level.

  • Volunteer your time at Latrobe Art Center for kids classes, events, mailings, etc.

  • Donate items for specific events or causes.

Why Does LAC Want My Email?

  • To inform about classes, kids camps, workshops, and events.

  • To always keep you aware of happenings at the art center and in downtown Latrobe.