After School Art

Elementary Schools

The first club began with a partner, Christ the Divine Teacher School who asked Latrobe Art Center to coordinate and run an after school art program. Fifty children ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade attend every Thursday after school for an hour and a half. At the end of each semester an art show is held at the Latrobe Art Center to bring the children and their families to the Art Center. Some of these children never have come to the Art Center before, Currently, volunteers help staff the club with Christ the Divine Teacher School providing the materials while the Art Center provides the expertise and guidance.

Art Among Us

Latrobe Art Center is ready for another year!! The Latrobe Art Center is once again offering our Free Community Program, ART AMONG US! This program gives children the opportunity to experience first-hand that art is alive and well in our neighborhood. The hour and a half program, developed for the appropriate grade level consists of the following:

Part One – Story time: The children gather in a circle and listen while one of our staff members read a book that will set the “theme” of the day!

Part Two – Art Project: The children do an art project that they will be able to take home.

Part Three – Scavenger Hunt: The children are instructed to find a list of objects within the paintings throughout the gallery. The level of difficulty is determined by their grade level.

Part Four – Surprise Smoothie: The Neighborhood Café makes each child a mini smoothie!

We encourage everyone to take advantage of this FREE program that we have to offer for the children. It has been such a success in the past with over 800 children walking through the doors this past Fall 2015.

For more information about how you can enroll your class, girl/boy scout troop, or club in this Free Community Program, Art Among Us, please call the Center at 724-537-7011 or send us an email.

Art is Good

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." ~Pablo Picasso

Art is Good is about “art” and “you.” 

Art is Good is the creation of Tim Kelly and is the embodiment of Tim’s beliefs about art and life. He truly believes that everyone has creativity in them.

The program consists of projects & workshops which nurture expression and facilitate creativity through fine art. 

The focus is more on "what" you are making... your idea. 

We hope to inspire each participant to recognize that they already have creativity in them and can make art for a living or just for themselves. 

Art is Good exists to: stoke confidence, help individuals grow as creative thinkers and to provide a relaxed environment to enjoy a shared creative experience. 

We teach that you cannot make art wrong, unless you do not make it at all.  We preach that art is good.

Buddy Art Program

Everyone deserves the joys and benefits of an art education. Our art classes become mini communities where students can enjoy making art with others regardless of skill and talent.  Our class is made up of one instructor and multiple volunteers so the students can receive individual attention & encouragement.  The Buddy Art Program, is a five week program, an hour and a half each week, where we create an art project, read a book, and have a special treat from the Neighborhood Café!  The projects are geared toward helping stimulate their motor skills, socialize with our staff and be exposed to the beautiful art that surrounds them. The lessons are created at the appropriate age level and designed to observe, inquire, explore, and strengthen fine motor & cognitive skills.

“Over the past three years I have had the pleasure of working with children with disabilities.  Being in a wheelchair myself, I have experienced the hardships that one goes through on a daily basis when faced with a disability.  I have had a wonderful support system made up of my family and friends.  Throughout my life, no one ever told me that I could NOT do something. . .I always found a way to do it.  Unfortunately, in today’s world, there are bullies, people that crush your self-esteem, and make you feel different. When I became director in February of 2010, I wanted to start a program for children with disabilities that made them feel special…made them stand out…and made them happy!  So I created the Buddy Art Program.,” said Gabrielle Nastuck, Director of the Latrobe Art Center.

The Latrobe Art Center has created an environment where they can walk into and know that it’s THEIR time to be able to express themselves creatively…and they do!!!!

The purpose of the program provides these children & adults to become productive & accepted members of society & enhance their self-esteem. The children are taught in a positive, supportive environment where celebrating & accepting unique abilities are encouraged. They build relationships with our staff & their peers by having interactive scavenger hunts & partnering with different volunteers & artists during art projects.

“We will be entering our 4th year and the children are the highlight of my day!  I absolutely love my job, and love that the Latrobe Art Center has become their FAVORITE place to be!” said Nastuck.

Champion of the Arts

This years theme will be “The Rainforest”
Each student is allowed to submit ONE ENTRY
2D & 3D artwork is encouraged.
Please pay close attention to the entry deadlines.


Each District is responsible for their own art supplies, No size restrictions, Two-Dimesional (2D) and Three-Dimensional (3D) artwork will be accepted. 

APRIL 6, 7, 2017 10AM-5PM
APRIL 8, 2017 10AM-3PM

Please deliver the student’s artwork to Latrobe Art Center, 819 Ligonier Street, Latrobe PA 15650 by the due dates listed. If you have a conflict with the dates, please call the Center 724-537-7011 to make other arrangements. 


Teachers are encouraged to bring their students on a fieldtrip to the Latrobe Art Center.
The two hour program starts with a gallery tour, followed by storytime, a take-home art project, and interactive scavenger hunt and a sweet treat from Latrobe Dairy Queen


Teachers will be notified of the winners to make sure they attend the artist reception to recieve their award. If the winners cannot attend, the certificate will be mailed to them. 


It will be a fun family day. Join us for live music, face painting, balloon making, charactures, arts + crafts, food vendors, and more. Ricolita’s will be open for purchases. Post card invites will be mailed and an email will be sent. 

Clelian Heights Partners

Clelian Heights matches individuals with community jobs that are right for them and for the employer. Includes job acquisition and coaching for individuals working in the community as well as supported employment and transitional work. The job coach teaches on-site and gradually fades from the side as the individual learns the job. The job coach remains available to assist with issues both for the employee and the employer as needed. Once a week, three Clelian Heights Adults and one Job Trainer come to the Art Center and do all the major cleaning. The adults have become part of the family!


Mail a check to the Latrobe Art Center | 819 Ligonier Street | Latrobe, PA 15650. On the memo line please indicate the name of the class, workshop, or event. To request additional information, please contact us via phone at 724.537.7011 or email.