Mister Fred Rogers Juried Exhibition Winners

Into the Realm of Autism-Gary Zak.jpg

Best In Show
"Into the Realm of Autism"
Gary Zak
Digital Print on Canvas

Main Aspects in this concept as follows:

A thin veil between two co-existing worlds with our world & their inner world

Manequinn heads-their fear to make eye contact with others & the spectrum range of normalcy or impairments in all of us

Boy hugging himself in stone-Petrified state of being or scared to interact with others

Face cage-imprisoned state of noncommunicable expression

Closed eyes-the fear to make eye contact with others

Barbed wire spiraling around him-a barricade symbol of not liking to be touched

Boy falling in water portal-the tendency to resist to participate in the real world with emotional fits

Upper left corner-thew black hole of synapses in the brain or unknown cause of Autism

Day Dream-Adalberto Ortiz.jpg

Mister Fred Rogers
Award of Merit
Sponsored by McFeely Rogers Foundation


"Day Dream"
Adalberto Ortiz
Acrylic Painting

Light, Shadow, Texture, Form-Diana Williams.jpg

Ned J. Nakles
Award of Excellence In
Sponsored By:
Mrs. Barabara Nakles
"Light, Shadow, Texture, Form"
By: Diana Williams
Oil Painting

Holding Siege-Richard McWherter.jpg

Award of Merit
"Holding Siege"
Richard McWherter

Gantaatar-Michael Swan.jpg

Award of Merit
Michael Swan
Oil Painting

Convent Garden-Elizabeth Ashce-Douglas.jpg

Award of Merit
"Convent Garden"
Elizabeth Asche-Douglas
Ink Drawing

Marilyn Mourns-Elizabeth Roseborough.jpg

Award of Merit
"Marilyn Mourns"
Elizabeth Roseborough
Oil Painting


Minori Morning-Alexis Dillon.jpg

Award of Merit
"Minori Morning"

Alexis Dillion
Infrared Photograph

Mist Over Machu Picchu-John Wood.jpg

Award of Merit
"Mist Over Machu Picchu
John Wood