Resin And The Art Of Acceptance Workshop

COnducted by texas-based artist, christie neale

Facebook: Christie Neale Art

Day: Thursday May 4th & Friday 5th, 2017
Time: 10am - 5pm (with 1 hour break for lunch)
Unveiling & Artist Reception:
Friday May 5th, 6pm-8pm
Cost: $325.00


Life presents us with unexpected beauty almost every day but often we don't see it. Disappointment is defined by whether what happens is close or not to what we expect. We hear ourselves saying "That was disappointing" as opposed to "That was a surprise." We create pictures of what we want and expect life to conform to these images. These expectations become inner obstacles that often prevent us from seeing the beauty of life's surprises. Working with resin is a practice of patience and requires the art of acceptance. Rarely will you receive what you have envisioned. It has an element of surprise and beauty that requires closer introspect. My goal is to provide safety precaution training (which is imperative when using this medium) and to show you how to properly mix high quality, artist-grade pigments and powders to create a beautiful piece of art. Your hands will never touch the canvas. We will be using a 1200 degree heat gun to move the paint as opposed to brushes. This is a unique process that is rarely taught in workshops. Once I've passed this knowledge on to you, I hope you will continue to experiment with the process and find your own unique style. I want YOU to surprise ME. During this workshop, each student will create two beautiful pieces of resin art on 18x18 wood panels. The artwork will need 24 hours to cure. You will not see your completed pieces of artwork until the reveal party on Friday night. If you are not able to attend the reveal party, you are welcome to pick up your artwork the following week.

What To Bring: A sense of wonder and humor, patience and the ability to let go & accept what your painting becomes. (Rarely will you be given what you expected. This is part of the artistic process.)
What To Wear: Comfortable clothes that can get messy. Long sleeve T-shirts are preferred (to protect your skin.) If you have an apron, please bring it with you. Protective eye wear and gloves are mandatory and will be provided. 
Workshop Description And Objectives: The workshop will begin with a safety precaution training followed by a live demo by experienced resin artist, Christie Neale. Students will be taught how to properly mix resin with high-quality, pigments and mica powders. (All products provided for this class are not inexpensive, student-grade craft paints, commercial-grade products including those used by special effects artists and prosthetics companies. Pure  mica pigment powders will also be used which create light refractions resulting in brilliant iridescence & prisms.) Students will be set into groups of three per table. Each student will create two beautiful pieces of resin art on wood panels. The knowledge gained from this workshop will assist students in their own future resin projects which can be applied to various substrates and even be used as functional art. The artwork created during thus workshop will need 24 hours to cure. Participants will not see their completed pieces of artwork until the reveal party on Friday night.


Twice a year, LAC has been able to have Nationally Known Artists travel to Latrobe for a 3 to 5 day workshop. In the past, we have had artists from Alabama, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Colorado, Maine, & Arizona teach a variety of techniques. Anywhere from 10 to 20 students fill the gallery for these workshops. Artists attending the workshops have traveled from Massachusetts, West Virginia, Maryland, New York, Florida & Ohio. In addition, 4 students from the Greater Latrobe Senior High School are chosen in the Spring to attend the workshop under a generous scholarship.

Each year the Latrobe Art Center strives to provide exciting and stimulating workshops taught by nationally known artists from across the United States. In the past we have hosted Frank Francese of Colorado, Janet Rogers of Florida, Margaret Martin of New York, Fred Graff of Ohio, Don Andrews, Jean Uhl Spicer, and Joyce Werwie Perry all of Pittsburgh, and many more! The Latrobe Art Center is honored to have such prestigious artists share their wealth of information and experience with all of our local artists. Please consider broadening your creative talents by attending one of our future workshops.

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