Pop The Cork January 19th Video Blog

My name is Trevor Kerr “T.K.”. I am the new videographer at the Latrobe Art Center and I video art classes and events. I have a great interest in video editing and video production, which is what I went to school for at the Westmoreland County Community College. This video is the first, in a new weekly series of video blogs that we’re launching to promote upcoming events at the Latrobe Art Center. This particular video blog discusses the upcoming Pop the Cork Event on January 19th 2017. Hope you enjoy and stop back to see more video blogs. Check it out.



Miss Gabi teaches ART IS GOOD WORKSHOP at The Children's Home in Pittsburgh!

I think "we" artists have been trying to tell you this for years....Art is so good for you.

Today at the Childrens home i watched and helped children that were non verbal expressing themselves thru art. For some more so than others, this is their way of being heard....of communicating and talking to YOU, to ME, to EVERYONE!....

Their faces liT up!! We made a connection!!!! AMAZING!!!!

When I hear people say "I can't draw .... I can't paint .... I can't do art" ...... it frustrates me and I say to them YES YOU CAN! For example, Today I had a bus tour and 71 people. Thw tour theme was I LOVE LUCY and therefore on an 8x8inch canvas panel we painted Lucille Ball...."Andy Warhol style".

At first, All of them immediately started to say they would not be able to do the art project because they were not artists.

I said to them....YES YOU CAN! You CAN DO THIS PROJECT! Just trust me!!

As they began to paint....everyone started to realize that they did NOT have a peach color for her skin. They became very irritated and distraught and acted like they couldn't continue without a flesh color.

So I said "OK LISTEN UP! I did NOT give you a flesh color on purpose. Your goal is to BE WILD AND CRAZY! This is YOUR time to let your wild side show and let it flow through your brush right onto the paper. BE FREE!!"

As the hour and a half went by....I slowly started seeing smiles, hearing laughter and having them say
This is fun!
This is relaxing!
This is like therapy after a while!

The one lady said "I just gave Lucy a tattoo!" And she laughed out loud!


By the end, they all left with smiles on their faces. The one gentlemen said said he had fun and I said to him "you sure let out your wild and crazy side with those colors!" He laughed and said "YES I guess I did didn't I? You are one sweet young lady and what you are doing is wonderful."

Sometimes in life, all we need is that kind, gentle extra push that gives people the courage to be themselves and to let out their wild side!!!! It's not an easy task and some put up a good fight. But with constant encouragement and determination, the end results are well worth it. It's like fireworks!!!!

This is what my job is all about.
Touching lives and making a difference with Art. If everyone (including me) just set aside a half hour to an hour of art every day, I truly feel everyone's life would change.

And remember "ART" covers not just drawing and painting but creating.....just create anything that gives meaning and that makes a statement....Like a PUZZLE PIECE!!!!......SERIOUSLY,.I guarantee you in the end you will feel pretty damn good. WHY?



Spreading the Love throughout the Neighborhood!

Attention everyone who made a puzzle piece.....LISTEN UP

I have received questions as to why the puzzle pieces are still in Latrobe and not in New York now that the exhibit is over. Here's the answer.....

FIRST and foremost .....RELAX!! BREATHE DEEP!!!!
ALL PUZZLE PIECE are going to Brooklyn New York.
TRUST ME......ALL 2,250 will be there!!!!

SECOND.....This is a very good example of what the puzzle project does to a community in general. I have stressed this so many times...and will stress it again....
THE PUZZLE ART PROJECT is unlike any project you will ever participate in.....in your whole lifetime. Truly....It's a way for EVERYONE to be able to connect. And not just connect with the world but connect with your neighbor....your friends.....your coworkers.....it brings everyone together to share the love we all have for each other. You don't have to be an artist you just have to have something meaningful to say! And when people finally understand this......BAM! IT'S LIFE CHANGING!!!!

So......with that said.....when the puzzle exhibit came down....we all went through a day of depression. Blank walls.....sadness....it was awful.

Then it hit me.....LET'S SPREAD THE LOVE!!!! Lets find venues where we can continue to show people how amazing this project is...... AND lets ALWAYS HAVE blank puzzle pieces at the Latrobe Art Center for anyone who is still wanting to participate in this world wide project.
And so it began....Latrobe Historical Society, YMCA in Ligonier, and Building Bodies.

Once you have puzzle pieces on YOUR WALLS the happiness and love just immediately starts oozing out of everyone. It's infectious, it's amazing. AND an amazing feeling for me and my LAC crew to be able to spread so much happiness and joy throughout. Watching everyone's face light up as the Instillation goes up on the wall is so gratifying. Words cannot describe the joy and happiness that is inside of me each and everyday. Once the project enters your life....your connected to it forever....

Remember this my puzzle friends..... someone, at least once a day is looking at your puzzle piece and smiling....YOU have just made a connection. YOU have just helped make a difference in someone's life. Because of YOU and YOUR STORY they feel happiness....they feel empowered......they feel comforted.....they feel loved........or they just simply realize they are not alone in this great big world, we are all connected....we are one.

BE HAPPY, FEEL THE LOVE and think of all the individuals you are connecting with. So if we can continue to spread this amazing feeling a little bit longer within our community....then so be it. My mission in life is to be of service, to serve, to love, and to uplift each other. And now that you have become connected with your piece it is YOUR mission as well.

This project just keeps on going and growing by the minute. Follow us and the Puzzle Art Project on Facebook and Instagram, so you can see how much impact a simple 24"x24" blank puzzle piece has and where all it is going.

So now....think of it this way.....your puzzle piece is ON TOUR. .. . WE'VE TAKEN IT ON TOUR.....TO SPREAD THE LOVE....... THE LOVE TRAIN!!!! and the FINAL DESTINATION......BROOKLYN NY.... Tim Kelly What more could you ask for?!?!

Remember at least once a day to spread the joy, the happiness, and the love to everyone you meet.