Crafty Students Contribute to the Community

Latrobe, PA: Students from Lindsey Page’s Latrobe Junior School sculpture class were getting their hands dirty to support Latrobe Art Center as part of the district’s commitment to community service and development. Known as the Empty Bowl Project, juniorhigh students from Latrobe School District created ceramic bowls in order to donate to Latrobe Art Center and assist the organization in its fundraising efforts. The bowls are on display at the gallery and are available for purchase, with all proceeds supporting Latrobe Art Center.

Lindsey Page, the instructor in charge of the project, stated “This sculpture lesson was designed to teach beginning art students about nonprofit organizations in combination with how they can use their artistic skills gained in class to help support their local community. The Latrobe Art Center provides Latrobe with such amazing art experiences and we want to help support them and this project allowed for it to happen. Students not only learned about clay sculpture, but also worked with visiting artist Martha Murphy who helped educate them on what it is like to have your passion also be your career. It was a wonderful experience that I hope to do again next year with my students.”

As a nonprofit membership organization, Latrobe Art Center relies on the generous support of members and donors to fulfill their mission of providing a welcoming environment that encourages individuals to share in the creative process and develop artistically. Latrobe Art Center is grateful for the contributions from the junior high students and applauds the students for channeling their academic achievements toward improving the community.  Like anthropologist Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Members of the community are invited to become a part of this project by visiting the gallery and investing in an original, handcrafted piece of art that has been designed to support community improvement.
Latrobe Art Center would especially like to thank Lindsey Page, Martha Murphy, and the students who participated in the Empty Bowl project for their generous donation, and looks forward to a positive future with such bright and talented community members.

PressSharon Reaves