Celebrating Good Times

This weekend was full of festivities with Big Band Night on Saturday and Lenzner Tour Group from Pittsburgh joining us on Sunday for a fun-filled afternoon. Needless to say, both events went so well; we LOVED spending time with our neighborhood friends and building new relationships with the great group from Pittsburgh. Singing, dancing, drawing, and simply enjoying each other’s company was what this weekend was about – it was a lovely celebration of art and life!

Saturday’s beautiful weather allowed us to turn Ligonier Street into an outdoor dance floor and dining room, naturally lending to a wonderful evening under the sun and stars. Back by popular demand, WCCC’s band was a huge hit – their beautiful symphonies filled the air with a variety of melodies from classical to jazz, and everything in between. We even had ballroom dancing! Everyone delighted in the homemade snacks and exciting prizes while socializing and unwinding from a long week. Though this may not be art in the form of paint and canvases (although we do plenty of that!) , it was definitely a wonderful expression through music, dance, and food!

The street was full of activity – singing, eating, dancing, and socializing. The weather only added to the perfection of the evening.  WCCC’s band with direction of Dr. Roderick Booker did a phenomenal job! Their talents were definitely recognized.

We also had the chance to share our creative spirit with a tour group from Pittsburgh who joined us Sunday afternoon. The group painted a coffee mug, enjoyed specialty drinks from the Neighborhood Café, and participated in a scavenger hunt of different gallery paintings throughout the center. It’s always great to meet new people and spread our passion for the arts – that’s what we live for! The Neighborhood just got bigger as we made new friends, and we’re excited to see them in future happenings with the center!

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