Onward We Go

Hello there, neighbor! With so many happenings over the last few months, we really haven’t had a chance to sit and write about the wonderful changes which have recently taken place. Of course, we have the Sun Dawg Café of Greensburg joining us to bring delicious artistic cuisine to the Neighborhood, which has been incredibly successful not only with our breakfast and lunch fans, but also for our guests who have attended a Sun Dawg-hosted event like our sushi rolling night last week! For those who had a chance to drop by just before or after Christmas, it may have been hard not to notice we lost a part of our gallery. Thankfully, the loss was only temporary, as we had our annex closed for a few weeks to undergo a few renovations. Having finished way earlier than expected, we are completely excited about the updates to the gallery, especially as we continue to progress and expand!

Though the annex before the renovation was certainly a beautiful space, a closer look revealed a few shortcomings which we felt needed to be changed. For starters, since the annex’s ceiling was a foot lower than the main gallery’s, we leveled the annex to the main gallery in order to better display our members’ artwork and create an open, yet cozy atmosphere. Perhaps even more jarring was the lighting, which produced a yellowish glow on the walls despite both sides of the gallery being coated with the same paint color. We therefore updated the lighting, lending to a brighter, more welcoming aura. Consequently, the space has become much more befitting for the high quality art, jewelry, and pottery which enrich our gallery. Because we hold many of our children’s classes and workshops in the annex, we have also added (unofficially) sound-proof doors which can separate both sides to generate greater concentration amongst students and a relaxing environment for gallery and café guests. An important feature for any art class, a new mirror has been hung so participants in any of our classes or events can enhance their skills and learn new techniques. A polished and waxed floor wrapped up the major renovation, leaving room for us to upgrade minor fixtures such as switching the carpeting in the windows to wood, and rearranging the furniture in the lounge area to make the perfect spot to catch up with friends or a have casual meeting.

Coming soon, we will also be adding new tables and chairs to the gallery and café to accommodate our growing neighborhood as we offer more classes, events, and activities. These improvements are a sign of a bright future, and it’s hard to believe how much has changed within just twelve years! Benjamin Franklin had many intelligent assertions, including his statement: “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” We owe our expansion to the wonderful members and neighbors who help us achieve these goals, and we’re genuinely grateful for everyone’s support.  These new updates will allow us to continue in our mission of fostering creativity in the area, and with so many positive changes, we look forward to a successful and meaningful future with our community.

BlogSharon Reaves