Reflections and Projections

There’s never a dull moment at the Latrobe Art Center, and while that’s definitely a good thing, sometimes it becomes difficult to reflect on the wonderful experiences we share with the great people who participate in our gatherings. Similarly, we are always projecting into the future since we want to ensure that our upcoming events are just as successful and exciting. Here’s some of what we’ve been reflecting on, as well as our outlook on what lies ahead.

Yesterday was a fun night in the gallery with the company of the Westmoreland Rotary. They had an exclusive Pop the Cork session and created some wonderful paintings of the Tree of Life. The wine was flowing and the minds were glowing with creativity making for a wonderful and relaxing evening. It’s certainly a great way to end a busy day.

The Westmoreland Rotary had a great evening, we hope to have them back!

As we were going through some pictures, we found a few of the group from Mississippi who were participating on a purpose driven mystery tour and stopped at the center for the day on Wednesday, May 7th. The group enjoyed painting a coffee cup, latte and biscotti, as well as lunch from the Neighborhood Café. It was a blast to make new friends, and we hope that the next time they stop in the region, they’ll visit us again!

Thank you to our wonderful new friends from Mississippi for your great company! You were a pleasure to host!

We’ve been planning for our upcoming Big Band Night to be held on Saturday, May 31. It’s going to be a great evening full of singing and dancing, with the featured entertainment of the Westmoreland County Community College band by direction of Dr. Roderick Booker back by popular demand. With munchies, drinks, and giveaways as an integral part of the evening, we are certain our guests will enjoy Big Band Night just as much as us!

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