The Bananas Are Coming

The center of the banana-split operations

A revolution is taking place inLatrobe.  With the annual observance approaching, we’re becoming a banana republic charged with the duty of upholding our heritage as the birthplace of the banana split. In the midst of this revolution, we chant: “Let them eat Cake!”.  And with Latrobe Art Center being the battleground for today’s Cupcake Wars, boy did we eat A LOT of cake.

Excusing the political and military metaphors, our Cupcake Wars event was quite simply an awesome time. The contest featured six talented bakers who used their creative flair to design a unique banana split cupcake. The results were sweet. Literally. Whether it was sampling the delicious flavors, marveling at the beautiful presentation, or enjoying the innovative table displays, each participant did an excellent job. To say the least, choosing the top two was a difficult task. Our judges Linda Earnest and Lisa Houser simply couldn’t decide, if they could’ve chosen all six, they would. We instead compromised by picking the top three: Happy Camper Cakes, The Cupcake Shoppe, and Aunt Penny’s Cakes.  They will be joining us for our block party on August 19, where they will use the judge’s evaluations from today to perfect their creations. Two weeks from today, one of these three participants will be crowned as “Latrobe’s Top Cupcake Creator”! We’re so fortunate to have such amazing people work with us, and a day full of good neighbors and delicious cupcakes leaves little to complain about.

We had awesome company today from the six bakeries. Thank you to everyone who participated!

While it might seem that our diet consists only of cupcakes, our Neighborhood Café has been keeping us on track with fresh garden grown recipes. We’re on a mission to bring our neighbors delicious home-grown summer foods; ripe red tomatoes, butternut squash and leafy green kale are just some of the community garden specialties we’ve integrated into our growing menu. Our summer salad specials are beyond just lettuce and dressing, with our quinoa, bean and kale in a lime honey vinaigrette or tomato basil caprese salad proving as refreshing summer dishes. Oh, and we can’t forget the cheesy broccoli soup. Food just tastes best when made with fresh and simple ingredients, and we’re happy to provide these options for our neighbors.

Though it’s been said that money can’t buy happiness, it can buy cupcakes, and that’s kind of the same thing. The banana revolution has arrived, and our mission to spread Latrobean cheer began with today’s Cupcake Wars! Marie Antoinette would be proud with all of our cake eating endeavors, and we’ll have plenty more opportunities in the upcoming weeks! In the meantime, we’ll try balancing our seemingly never-ending sugar rush with the mouthwatering garden grown dishes from the Neighborhood Café.

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