Two words... Big Impact!

Writer G.B. Stern couldn’t have said it better when he declared “Silent gratitude isn’t much to anyone.”  It’s a simple phrase with powerful meaning, but saying thank you and expressing appreciation is a common courtesy that hardly goes unnoticed to the recipient. Isn’t it discouraging when you hold the door for someone and the person walks past without even acknowledging your existence? While some argue that we should do nice things without expecting a response, it’s always gratifying just to know your actions haven’t gone unnoticed. Showing thanks is not only daily etiquette, but a foundation for building and maintaining trustful and lasting relationships.

We never forget how fortunate we are to be surrounded by such great people who do so much to help us thrive. In order for us to show our gratitude to those who have helped make the auction, fashion show, and Yellow-Tie Gala such a success, we invited all patrons, donors, sponsors and committee members from these three largest fundraising events to the gallery last Saturday for a dinner catered by The Sun Dawg Café in Greensburg. We couldn’t think of better way to say thank you than with delicious food from a local neighbor!

Because we are so food motivated (that’s not a bad thing, right?), it’s only necessary we spread the word on just how great this restaurant is. For those who haven’t been to the Sun Dawg yet, go. It’s simply amazing. The four course meal started off with a sweet potato chili lime soup, an incredibly fall-flavored (if season’s have a taste) dish with a perfect balance between understated sweetness from the potato and a spicy kick stemming from the chili. Next was a unique twist to a normal salad where the honey pomegranate dressing gave it a distinct sweet flavor with a texture twist from crunchy pepita seeds and soft pumpkin. For the main course, guests chose between a petit filet, pan seared salmon dish, or stuffed chicken dinner-all of which blended interesting ingredients and were served over buttermilk chive mash and roasted Brussels sprouts. Little Lisa’s Pastry shop was the source for dessert, and musical duo Detention by Jane and Mandy provided the entertainment. Should someone look up delectable under the dictionary, Sun Dawg Café would be right under…the food was just that good. Located on Main Street in Greensburg, this is a neighbor that everyone should visit!

With all of this talk of food, it’s becoming a challenge to finish writing this blog! In all seriousness, Latrobe Art Center exists because of the wonderful people it attracts…every person who joins us for an event or function supports our goal of keeping art alive and spreading creativity in the area. As an expression of our appreciation for all of our members who have joined us throughout the year, we will be holding a membership appreciation night on Wednesday, December 3. This light-up night evening is our way of saying thank you to everyone in the LAC family! While we always look forward to what’s to come, we always remember those who make the art center what it is and continually strive to express our gratitude for the support!

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