Today is Mister Rogers' 88 birthday.

I look at the number 88 and think of infinity.  "Infinity just is, and that's the way I think love is too." Said Fred.

Over the past few months, I have discovered that Fred talks to me daily, times...I find myself talking back.

Crazy as it may seem, I am convinced Fred has a plan .....

"Bringing Fred Home" is the main title of our event.  And after receiving the 143 puzzle piece and realizing how many people still are not aware of the 143 legacy, I decided I needed to do a little more digging about Fred's view on "love."

A general Google search lead me right to this article and video.

As I sat in my office, with tears streaming down my face, I realized that this was another sign from Fred continuing to slowly show me piece by piece that once this massive jigsaw puzzle is complete it will be the most beautiful piece of artwork ever created.  He has made me see that the best is yet to come ...

Happy Birthday Fred
We look forward to your return home on
June 11, 2016 at 1:43pm

Sharon Reaves