The Red Thread.... 4/15/2016

On an episode of Mister Rogers Neighborhood, Fred explains that his mother knitted cardigan sweaters not only for him but for the people that she loved. "This was one of the ways she showed her love for somebody." Fred explained.

Another 143 ways to say "I love you." With every stitch that was made, there was love.  But think...out of all the sweaters he had, which one connects us with Fred?  

The RED cardigan sweater.

Why Red? Because of the Red thread.

The same goes for the Puzzle Art Project. It stretches all over the world and connects us in ways we never would have imagined. There is a love and uniqueness with every piece that is created.


Since the beginning of the planning for this major event, there have been several serendipitous moments that have unexpectedly brought people together and projects together.

Fred had a plan....he knew what he had to do........and so 7 years ago he began to weave the red thread................