You Being You! 4/24/2016

It truly makes my heart happy when I see the puzzle pieces come in one by one. Each one is unique and special in their own way. As I look at all of these puzzle pieces that come in, it continues to remind me of Mister Rogers message about being your own unique self.

And thanks to Tim Kelly, the unique creator and mastermind behind this project, he has been able to connect all of us throughout the world.

Mister Rogers continuously told us we all have a purpose in this life, and because of Tim we all get the chance to tell our own unique show what means the most to us to the whole world.

Its amazing when you sit and think about it. Your puzzle piece could be beside an individual from Italy, Ireland, or Kentucky.....we are all connected.....

There's a connection between Mister Rogers and Mr. Kelly.  Tim may not be Fred but through his art, he knows how to make each of us feel unique and special like Mister Rogers did.  Art is Good and Mister Rogers is smiling down and thanking Tim for being his own unique-self.  Never be anything but YOU BEING YOU!

Joe Bellack