143 Ways. . . 4/28/2016

(Left) Don Wonderling Acrylic Painting (Right) Mr. & Mrs. Don Wonderling

(Left) Don Wonderling Acrylic Painting (Right) Mr. & Mrs. Don Wonderling

Today artist Don Wonderling and his wife visited the gallery to exchange paintings for the new upcoming exhibit.

One of my favorite paintings by Don Wonderling is his Sunflowers and Lilacs. So I expressed my sadness and said "I can't believe you are taking my sunflowers!"

He laughed and said "Well those are actually my wife's sunflowers. I painted them because one day she said to me .... 'You never buy me flowers.' This was a bouquet of sunflowers I had bought for her birthday, and had taken a photograph of. So I got out the photograph and painted this painting. Then....I put it up on the wall and said 'There you go, now you will always have flowers from ME.' "

The gift that Don gave his wife was better than any bouquet ever bought. A gift straight from the heart and a gift that will last a lifetime.

Makes me once again realize .....

"The gifts we treasure most over the years are often small and simple." - Fred Rogers

Joe Bellack