Bringing Fred Home Weekend - A Success!


Words cannot describe how we all felt about this past weekend. It was amazing to see everyone come together to celebrate the life of Mister Fred Rogers. We are truly blessed to live in a town that supports the arts, supports each other, and wants to see our neighborhood continue to grow.

The Puzzle Project Team worked for 12 1/2 hours straight installing all the puzzle pieces along with the Latrobe Art Center team of dedicated volunteers and Greater Latrobe Art Honor Society Students. All 2,000 pieces are up and will be on display until July 6, 2016.

Tim Kelly and Julian Zeta Zee we thank you for all you have done for us over the past year to make this project a success. You will always have a special place in Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Our neighborhood truly loves and respects you both. We hope this is just the beginning of many more successful projects to come.

A special thank you to Luann Leitza Murtha, Rosanne Bodziak, Krystal Modecki, Seth Rupert, Kathy Sartoris Rafferty, Linda Miller, Joe Bellack, Annette Couch, for the long dedicated hours they put in to help make this event such a success. . . .

Ray Flowers, Rachel Bortz Flowers of Sun Dawg Cafe for the amazing food the evening of the Neighborhood Gala, Gwyn Zollinger of Happy Camper Cakes for the delicious neighborhood cupcakes and Katie Miller, Terri Masciantonio Miller for the yummy ice cream mini cakes from Latrobe Dairy Queen.

A special thank you to Ricolita's Cafe for providing my team with lunch and delicious homemade canoli's. kept us smiling all weekend long!!!!

Dr. Zoot . . .you were AMAZING at the Neighborhood Gala! We hope you will return to our neighborhood sometime in the future. William Hamiltonthank you for sponsoring them. We loved having you back in the neighborhood!

Roderick Booker and the WCCC Jazz Band thank you for a WONDERFUL afternoon of music on Saturday. We always enjoy you being part of our neighborhood events.

And A VERY SPECIAL thank you to the McFeely Rogers Foundation, Mr. Jim Okonak, and Nancy Crozier for all of their support and encouragement along the way. Thank you for letting us be able to make our vision a reality.

And once again thank you to THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY FOR SUPPORTING US. Without you we would not be here. Miss Gabrielle Nastuck truly loves and appreciates each and everyone of you! You all have a special place in her heart.

More photos will be posted on our events page. . . . stay tuned. . . .

Joe Bellack