Mister Fred Rogers Fine Art Regional Juried Exhibition Video Blog

Good Morning! This week’s video blog is about the upcoming Mister Fred Rogers Fine Arts Regional Juried Exhibition. Please enter by July 1st.  All artists 18 years of age and older are welcome to enter. Artwork submitted for this exhibition must meet the following requirements: 1. It must be your own original design and concept and must be completed independently within the last 5 year2. It is not a reproduction of an original piece of art   3. It must not exceed 60 inches in any direction or weigh more than 200lbs4. If it is 2D/3D, that is fine5. If it is submitted digitally, it should be JPEG or GIF and it should submitted on a CD-R with the file size not exceeding 5MB.  The Juror for this exhibition has excellent credentials and knows art, his name is Mr. William DeBernardi. Generally, the work you submit should be for sale, but you can, if you wish, designate it “not for sale” with a zero. Of course, Latrobe Art Center will handle all pieces with care, but, we are not responsible for any damages. The Price for this a non-refundable fee of $35.00 for up to 3 entries. An additional $5.00 is required for a 4th piece. Please, make all checks payable to Latrobe Art Center and mail them to 819 Ligonier Street, Latrobe, PA, 15650. The exhibition itself runs from September 1st-September 30th. Check it out! Hope you enjoy and check back for more videos!


Joe Bellack