Latrobe Art Center Bus Tours Video Blog

Good Morning! This week’s video blog is about Bus Tours that visit the Latrobe Art Center! How exactly do the Bus Tours work? They are actually part of the Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau Tourism Program. Through this program, tours from all over the U.S. come and visit the Latrobe Art Center. The first tour took place on Memorial Day 2013. During these tours, guests normally get to make a craft, which is painting a coaster, have a snack, and even shop at the Latrobe Art Center. Recently, however, guests have also had the opportunity to go down and see the statue of Fred Rogers in the park and even take pictures with it. These tours get great responses overall with Maxim Tours of Canada and the Ramada Inn of Ligonier both bringing 50 and 60 individuals on their respective trips. In addition Carol Love’s Tours Inc. also has also provided great responses for these tours. Now, the Latrobe Art Center’s tours don’t have to include a craft, food, stuff like that. They can just be simple a tour and food, or just simply food. They are flexible you might say. Tours and luncheons can also be done for and not limited to the following: clubs, organizations, and even meetings. These tours are a great outreach program and they allow people from really all over to come in and see and experience our neighborhood! Check it out! Hope you enjoy and check back for more videos!

Joe Bellack