2017 open Exhibition guidelines
deadline for entry- may 22


Dear Member of Latrobe Art League,     

      A permanent location for local artists was the vison and passion of Nancy (Laney) Rogers Crozier and Elizabeth (Libby) Ogden Hazlett.  The two Latrobe Art League members wanted to create a community Art Center in downtown Latrobe for local artists to gather, learn, express, and to display their creative work.  At that time, the Latrobe Art League was the focus of art activity for the Latrobe area for over half a century.  Laney’s and Libby’s vision for the arts was realized June 15, 2002 when the Latrobe Art Center (LAC) was born.     

      The Latrobe Art Center has become the home of the Art League.  As envisioned it embraces its members and mission as the long desired, permanent venue in the community to showcase Latrobe areas artists’ talents.     

      Together, the LAL and the LAC members, more often than not the same, have embraced the commitment of Laney and Libby to create a model community asset.  Now in its 15th year it has become clear to both the LAL and the LAC that the Latrobe Art Center was fulfilling the objectives set forth by the Art League.  As a result, recognizing the legacy, successes, and strengths of both entities, it has been decided to join together the League and Center where Latrobe Art League members become Latrobe Art Center members.     

      To celebrate this bright and beautiful new beginning, we are having an Open Show June 5th and run through July 1, 2017.  The Open Show will be divided into three categories: 1.) Student; 2.) Amateur; 3.) Professional.  All ages and all levels are welcome to participate as we showcase our local and regional gifted artists.   

     In addition, an Open Reception will be held Thursday evening June 15th, 2017 which coincides with the Latrobe Art Center’s 15th year.  This free reception to the community will include Dairy Queen ice cream cake, and refreshments, including wine and beer.   

       Join us as we launch into this new artistic journey together continuing to grow the Greater Latrobe art community.  For more details, please feel free to contact us or stop in at the Center.

Artfully Yours,

Sue Hrubes
President, Latrobe Art League

Gabi Nastuck
Director, Latrobe Art Center



  • The Open Exhibition is open to ALL Ages of all levels.
  • All work must be your own original design and concept, created independently and completed within the last five years. Reproductions of original artwork are not accepted.
  • All media is accepted and and encouraged, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional.
  • Artwork should not exceed 60 inches in any direction and not weigh more than 200lbs. 
  • All entries must be ready for exhibition. Pictures must be ready to hang and sculptures should stand securely.

ENtry Fee

Categories for entry are as follows:

·Mini Artist (3 thru 6)
·Young Artist (7 thru 13 yrs)
·Junior Artist (14 thru 17 yrs)
·College Artist (18 thru 21)

·Amateur (21 and over) 
·Professional (21 and over)

Members - $20 for 3 pieces; 
$5 additional piece(s) for each additional piece up to 2
Non-Member - $30 for 3 pieces;
$5 additonal piece(s) for each additiona; piece up to 2
ALL Students (members and non-members) - $5 for up to 3 pieces