Annual Open Show Winners

Best of Show-"Emanating Color" by Rachel J. Wheeler


"Red Fox"-Barbara Jewel
Technical Command of Medium(First Place)

"Dairy Farm"-Joseph Ryznar
Compositional Impact(Second place)

"The Kids"-Louetta Romanchak
Innovative Use of Medium(Third place)


Professional(Honorable Mention):

"Alee House II"-Marie Lint
Award of Excellence in Watercolor

"The Doll"-Diana Williams
Award of Excellence in Oil/Acrylic

"Harmonies"-Skip Allen
Award of Excellence in Photography

"Delaney"-Eileen Stoner
Award of Excellence in Drawing/Pastel

"Pleasant Unity"-Doreen Currie

"Sunlit"-Jan Landini

"Tiger in Shawdows"-Myla Pearce

"Raku Pod"-Ann Gravelle



"Emanating Color"-Rachel J. Wheeler
First place

"Docking on Reflection"-Michael Fogel
Second place

"lily of the Valley"-Filipe Delfino
Third Place


Amateur(Honorable Mention):

"Eve"-Mary Beth Ponitz

"The Dance"-Marla Kalning

"Madam Senator"-Shiliah Kelly