Maureen Elizabeth

April 6th

There is a moment that exists - a pause,   a space,   between thought and word.  A place somewhere between the here    and the now,   where the whole universe resides and we, in our stillness, look to articulate the truth of that moment. A state of thoughtful being.... It’s just a moment, really,

and a click...


Maureen Elizabeth has been photographing local musicians “since the 1900’s.”  In 2009, Maureen began photographing and interviewing national musicians for American Blues News. This current show is a reflection of some of the moments during the 5 years spent at festivals, concerts and backstage with artists such as Johnny Winter, Gregg Allman, Foghat and others.

Maureen, who has a Master’s Degree in Theology, is also a Bereavement Counselor for Excela Home Health Care and Hospice. In cooperation with Seton Hill University, Maureen has the privilege of hosting Art Therapy Interns. Reflecting that relationship are four art pieces that were created during an art based support group, by people who have suffered a loss in their life. These pieces, in particular, speak to the beauty of the art process and underscore the fact that art truly is a healer.

Emmy DePolo presents...
"What Hope Is..."

a show featuring "Special needs children", painted in brightly colored animal and nature scenes as a "Tribute" to their inner brilliance.

april 26-may 31
opening night: Friday april 28, 6-9pm
refreshments and a performance by children from the "Maestro mind school of music"

Emmy DePolo has certainly made "ART" her life. Beginning at the age of four, with no formal training, she began exploring various avenues. Watercolors that express "Nature", (Trees are her favorites), murals, pen and ink, and T-shirt design are but a few. Emmy is most known for her work with "Caricature". Some pieces have been autographed by Pittsburgh Steelers, "Troy Polamalu" and "Hines Ward". The use of "Bright Colors" are her signature, and most recently the use of "Quartz Crystals", as an accent, applied to paintings.


This body of art is dedicated tot the "Inner Brilliance" of "Special Needs Children". This group is often falsely thought of as "mentally handicapped" or even "anti-social". Time spent around them has inspired me. I am featuring their "angelic" faces in animal and nature scenes, with the use of bright acrylic colors. In addition, the placement of "clear quartz crystals" are used to bring forth their "innermost qualities".

Keystone Balance
Tim Anderson

April 27- May 31

KeyStone Balance is the artistic stone balance work of Pennsylvania native, Tim Anderson.  His work began as a result of a climbing injury that sidelined him during the 2011 season.  Spending time along the river, having an artistic background and being influenced by cairns he encountered during his winter travels in the mountains, Tim began his playful venture into stone balancing during the recovery process.  As his skills evolved over the next several years and photos surfaced among friends, he was urged to share his talents with the world.  In the summer of 2014 he made his public debut in Ohiopyle State Park due to the constant urging.  The crowds responded well to his stone balance creations and demonstrations.  Social media was the next step along with opening a studio/gallery featuring photographs of his stone balancing.  Large scale festival bookings, high profile art gallery shows, demonstrations, corporate workshops, private collectors seeking prints for home, and further success has been the path during the next several months.

While not traveling doing demonstrations, appearances and art shows, Tim spends the majority of his time in the creeks and rivers near home stone balancing and being part of the beautiful areas where he’s spent most of his life.  Still in its infancy, the popularity of Tim’s stone balancing art continues to grow along with his ability to defy the laws of physics without the use of any adhesives other than gravity and stones provided by mother nature.His philosophy and outlook on stone balance is that it requires a highly involved state of meditation, concentration and sense of balance perception unattainable by most.  While stone balancing has a large community and following of practitioners on the simplistic level only  several others in the world have turned it into a true life study,  practice and full-time profession.  “I feel lucky to be able to follow my passion and evolve my art and involvement in stone balance on a daily basis and be rewarded by the satisfaction of others towards the creative process that I’ve become obsessed with.” The future is full of excitement and creative flow from this up and coming Pennsylvania artist.

tim will be giving demonstrations
April 28, 2017  6-9pm
April 29, 2017  11am-2pm
free to the public

Latrobe Art Center’s ANNUAL OPEN SHOW
June 5 - July 1, 2017

"New beginning"

Dear Member of Latrobe Art League, The Latrobe Art Center was created by Laney Rogers Crozier and Libby Ogden Hazlett.  The two Latrobe Art League Members, wanted to create a community art center in town for local artists to display their work.  At the time The Latrobe Art League was the only Art Club.  With Laney and Libby’s vision and passion for the arts on June 15th, 2002 the Latrobe Art Center was born.  The Latrobe Art Center became the home of the Latrobe Art League, which was in existence for 67 years.  However, this year it has been decided to merge Latrobe Art League and Latrobe Art Center as one. The League Members will officially become a Latrobe Art Center Member and part of this amazing artistic growing community.  In celebration of this wonderful merge, we are having an Open Show to showcase this bright and new beginning for both. The show will start June 5th and run thru July 1st, 2017.  This show will be divided into three categories:  (1) Student Category; (2) Amateur Category; (3) Professional Category.  All Ages and all levels are welcome to participate in this amazing exhibit. For fifteen (15) years, the Latrobe Art Center has become the hub of activity in downtown Latrobe.  We are hopeful that this merge of the two organizations will continue to grow the Greater Latrobe Art Community. In celebration of this new beginning we will have the Opening Reception on June 15, 2017,  “Latrobe Art Center’s 15th Birthday.”  A free reception to the public; Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake;  Refreshments including wine and beer will be served.  Join us as we launch into this new artistic journey together.  After all, we are one!  

From the Palette of:

SUE HRUBES Latrobe Art League President & GABI NASTUCK Latrobe Art Center Director

ENTry Fees:
(Deadline May 22)

Categories for entry are as follows:
·Amateur (21 and over)
·Professional (21 and over)
·Young Artist (7 thru 13 yrs)
·Junior Artist (14 thru 17 yrs)
·College Artist (18 thru 21)
Members - $20 for 3 pieces; $5 additional piece(s)
Non-Member - $30 for 3 pieces; $5 additonal piece(s)
ALL Students (members and non-members) - $5

—Make checks payable to Latrobe Art Center and mail to: 819 Ligonier Street Latrobe PA 15650

Becky Mormack

July 8 - August 5

Hi, my name is Becky Mormack. I have been painting for 15+ years. I am self taught in all my animals and wildlife oil paintings. I have some formal instructions in landscapes and still life. I want to warm the hearts of people when they see my art work, and even hear a laugh or two. I paint what I see and what I love; to capture the personality of an animal is a great reward. I want the viewer to take away happiness and a good feeling. I thank God (because it is all God for this talent and I know he would want me to share it and to teach others my way of painting). I have painting in Baggaley and Mt. View Elementary Collections and also the Greater Latrobe High School.