The Summer of Mister Rogers
Summer Camp Schedule

All camps based on an episode of Mister Rogers Neighborhood
All sessions 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM
$40 for 2 day sessions
Ages: 5 years and up.


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Trolley World Tour
July 11 & 12 (Wednesday & Thursday)
Using mixed media, students will create a canvas trolley to travel the world along with family and friends while visiting their favorite places. (Three (3) photos of family, friends, pets etc. needed)
Cost: $40.00

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Picasso Portraits
July 23 & 24 (Monday & Tuesday)
Bold, eclectic backgrounds will enhance Picasso Portraits.  Come and construct your Picasso! What makes a Picasso a Picasso?
Cost:  $40.00

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Bird’s Eye View
August 8 & 9 (Wednesday & Thursday)
Begin with abstract strokes, work with team members and design collage art papers.  Then repurpose those art papers into our feathery friends.
Cost: $40.00


Call to Reserve Your Spot 724-537-7011