The Gift of a Lasting Love of Art

A few years ago we discovered the Latrobe Art Center. That’s when we were blessed to cross paths with Miss. Gabi. Since 2014 our son Mateo has enjoyed all that this magical place has to offer. We say magical because if you met Miss. Gabi and her staff you would know why. They created an environment that is welcoming, accepting, and inspires creativity.

It all started when our son Mateo was turning five. A wonderful person by the name of Ann told us to check out Latrobe Art Center for his party. This is when we fell in love with the art center and of course Miss. Gabi. She was engaging, full of excitement , and interested in all of Mateo’s big ideas for his first kid party. Mateo was on cloud 9 after that day and a love of art was born. What an awesome and unique experience his party turned out to be.

Fast forward to present day, three birthday parties, school field trips, several art camps, and painting parties under his belt ,all by the age of 8. Miss. Gabi asks questions, listens, and walks the kids through their own creative process to put their imaginations on paper. She is a true gift to us and this community. Thank you for encouraging and fostering his love of art. You Rock!!!!!

-- Jill Dorazio