Why We Went To LAC and Why We Continue.

My daughter, Addison, is six years old and is in first grade.  She has attended single session art workshops, holiday events, and several week-long summer programs at the Latrobe Art Center.  Why did we start going to L.A.C.? Addison has always shown an interest and talent in the arts.  I had heard how wonderful Miss Gabi and her staff were and decided to “check it out”.  Why do we continue to attend L.A.C. programs? One needs to actually experience a L.A.C. program to fully comprehend that answer. The programs are outstanding!  Being an elementary educator myself, I am constantly impressed by the friendly caring staff, Miss Gabi’s artistic knowledge and creativity, and the remarkable organization of every aspect of the programs.  When we enter the art center, we are always greeted with energetic smiles, and everyone calls Addison by name.  The dedicated and hardworking L.A.C. staff clearly enjoy their jobs and make us feel comfortable and welcome.  Miss Gabi is just marvelous!  She not only also always has a smile, but the art knowledge that she provides in her programs is unbelievable. Just this summer, Addison learned how to mix media while having LOTS of fun! The organization of each program and attention to all details is amazing.  Every program has a clear theme and details always creatively connect.  The focus is always on making the arts fun and inspiring for the children involved! 

Addison is deaf and wears Cochlear implants. When I signed her up for her first program, I was highly impressed that Miss Gabi already knew about proximity to the speaker.  She also naturally knew to check in with Addison to be sure that she heard her instructions. The whole L.A.C. staff goes above and beyond to make necessary accommodations for all their participants…from the shy child who is trying their first class away from mom to the child with a disability. Living in Latrobe, we are very grateful to have the L.A.C. so close to us!  I highly recommend the L.A.C. to all parents who I get share our positive experiences with.  When I asked Addison what she likes best about the L.A.C., she smiled and said, “I like that I get to design my own creations.  I love Miss Gabi and the art center!” 

-- Heather Muchnok