Artist Members

Latrobe Art Center is a Membership Gallery comprised of regional artists who display their work for sale. We strive each rotation to assemble one of the finest community art galleries in Southwestern Pennsylvania. We have a wide display of artwork including oil, acrylic, watercolor, and pastel. In addition, three-dimensional pieces including stained glass, jewelry, woodwork and ceramics are sold.


As a Gallery Artist you have the ability to exhibit your artwork at the Latrobe Art Center. Contracts are for one year and include six different exhibitions. 

The annual membership fee is $150 per year OR $125 per year plus 24 hours of volunteer duties for the Latrobe Art Center. The Latrobe Art Center reserves the right to define the volunteer activity and time which entitle the members to a discounted membership fee.

Sell Your Work

The Latrobe Art Center is an excellent place to sell your work. The gallery change occurs every two months, for a total of six shows per year. A Gallery Artist Membership entitles the artist to exhibit four (4) framed artworks during each exhibit period of two months. Additional works such as greeting cards may be displayed where space is available at the discretion of the Latrobe Art Center. Matted originals and prints will be limited to twenty (20) pieces per artist. There will be a commission of thirty (30) percent paid to the Latrobe Art Center on any sale made by the Latrobe Art Center of the Artist’s work. Sales proceeds, less commissions, will be paid to the Artist within thirty days of the date of sale.

Complete Terms and Conditions

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