Founded in 2002 by Mrs. Nancy Rogers Crozier (sister of Fred Rogers) and Mrs. Elizabeth Hazlett, Latrobe Art Center provides a welcoming atmosphere for adults and children of all skill levels to grow their artistic talents and interests. Located in the heart of downtown Latrobe, the Art Center offers a wide variety of artwork, classes and education programs, workshops, events, community gatherings, and more.

Include in your visit the culinary delights of Ricolita's Café, located within the facility.


Latrobe Art Center is a membership gallery which provides the opportunity for artists to display and market their work throughout the year. Visitors to the center can view a variety of artwork in all media—including oil acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink drawings, mixed media, and more—professionally displayed and ready for purchase. Beautiful jewelry, pottery, woodwork, and fiber art are also available.

Latrobe Art Center is a place of renewed vitality and opportunity of growth to all who participate. Thanks to the generous support of our neighbors, as well as local and state grants, we will continue to sustain, strengthen, and advance our mission.

Our Mission

The mission of Latrobe Art Center is to create a welcoming environment that encourages and fosters the creativity and artistic development of each individual.

Latrobe Art Center is a place where artists of all skill levels, as well as art lovers, can enjoy local original art by participating in a wide variety of workshops, classes, talks, events, and demonstrations. The art center’s goal is to improve the quality of life in the area through the visual arts.

Latrobe Art Center has several significant community outreach programs that touch the lives of special populations and interface with other social service organizations. The art center enjoys significant community support through volunteers, membership, class fees, donors, and local and state grants. Its significant location in downtown Latrobe plays a vital role in the city’s revitalization program.


Love it here! Everybody is so friendly and helpful.
You are proof that dreams and possibilities are endless when you believe in yourself!
...such a dynamic and energetic resource for the children and families in or community by fostering creativity in the arts.
You are all to be commended for all of your hard work and dedication to make our students feel special! They felt like superstars! We are already looking forward to next year!
We were so impressed with all the activities/projects that we planned and the atmosphere is very warm and welcoming!
The children talked about it for days afterwards. Their time at the center is so well spent both educationally and artistically.”
The art lessons were fun, educational, yet so appropriate for children.
We would like to thank you specifically for the art classes held at your facility and for working to ensure everyone in the community has a chance to create art.
You are a wonderful treasure for our Community.
Our son had an amazing experience during your art camp. Thank you for all of your efforts in providing a week filled with love, creativity and fun!
Great job with Puzzle week! This project will be a huge success and you will rock it!
It is a joy to spend time with you and your staff.
We view the Latrobe Art Center as an important addition to the quality of life in our area and look forward to the coming events, activities....
Thank you so much for a rewarding experience at the art center.
There is so much artistic talent in the Latrobe area that there are so many wonderful artworks to appreciate and, in fact, love.
I have also attended most of the creative art workshops run by Sue Hrubes as she teaches the classes alot as well about different techniques and different ways to create art.
The Latrobe Art Center is a big part of my life....being surrounded by the beauty is one reason; but I also get the opportunity to meet many of the artists and the opportunity to talk with them and learn more about art and different artistic techniques. I learn alot. There is so much talent here that I have been able to learn much-and that I like and appreciate.
I do not have a favorite piece of artwork displayed at the Latrobe Art Center. I have many, many favorites.
I believe that this exposure to art helps to round them(the kids) out as fully developed adults.
What can I say about LAC? It gives me the gift of wonderful friendships with a beautiful place to celebrate and showcase my work. That’s really quite an incredible gift.
It has given me so many opportunities that I would never have had without it! Thank You LAC!