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LATROBE ART CENTER’S Weaving the Community Together
in honor of Mister Fred Rogers – JUNE 10, 2017

We are planning a community weaving project throughout the month of May at the Latrobe Art Center in preparation for the Second Annual Mister Fred Rogers Family Day.  Mister Fred Rogers Family Day will take place on Saturday June 10th , 2017, from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm in the heart of downtown Latrobe.  Last year, the community merged as one to create the massive 2,500 puzzle piece art installation honoring the life and mission of Mister Fred Rogers.
This year, we are weaving the community together!  Weaving opens up a world of creative educational possibilities and intertwines nicely with numerous core curriculums including writing and math. Moreover, it also can represent a social experience of thought and collaboration that contributes to a greater whole. For example, when we highlight the role of a special individual such as Mister Fred Rogers, we can demonstrate the beauty of a blended project.  With that said, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, artists, and students are all encouraged to embrace their differences and come together to participate in this project. By providing many colorful spools of yarn, each classroom will have the opportunity to choose their colors and individually weave them together using a loom.  For one month, the weave will continue to grow into one massive art piece.  This piece will become a symbol of how the community can work together to create something beautiful.  Each child represents his or her individuality while becoming a part of the collective whole. This project is open to the entire community and everyone is welcome to participate.  This massive piece will be displayed inside the Latrobe Art Center on June 10th, 2017, in honor of Mister Fred Rogers mission of accepting and loving our neighbors.  Let’s set an example for our children and come together, as one, to not only honor Mister Rogers but to keep ART alive in our community. By embracing our differences and participating in this community project we can more easily realize how unique and truly special our neighbors are!  It’s going to be a beautiful day in the neighborhood!!



MR rogers family day

Saturday, June 10th   11:30am - 5:00pm

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